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Insurance Tips

What can I do if either me or my car are considered High Risk? Because of an increasing amount of drivers being considered high risk, smaller, lesser known insurance companies have been entering the insurance business. A great deal of these companies specialize in non-standard insurance.

What can I do if either me or my car are considered High Risk? Often, a state-sanctioned 'Assigned-Risk' policy might be a high risk driver’s only solution to finding insurance cover. Check with your state's DMV or your insurance agent regarding assigned risk options in your area.

Figuring out the Unisured or Underinsured optional cover- Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage provides coverage for yourself and your passengers, to the limits of the coverage, for bodily injury sustained as the result of someone else’s fault in the case that the at-fault vehicle, or driver, doesn’t have insurance, or enough insurance for that matter.

Figuring out the Unisured or Underinsured optional cover- Generally, your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage should be equal to the amount of liability coverage you’re carrying; check with your insurance agent regarding rules applicable to your state.

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Article of the Week

It has become quite a common sight these days to see that there are not few spouses out there that start to struggle with a reasonable number of things in life as they age. Yet, there is one significantly important thing to struggle with which is the health insurance benefit. But it is quite unfortunate that it is hard enough to find spouses out there that are pretty aware of this circumstance. But apart from that, it is truly important that the spouse try to see what may probably take place should the spouse retire and they have signed up for an active and valid insurance plan offered by their employers before they retire...more