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Traditionally, financial advice has been a face-to-face activity, but the millennial generation – those born between the mid 1980s and the early 2000s – is used to managing many aspects of of their lives online and on social media.

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Financial advisers are increasingly keen to make their presence felt on social platforms, but this is just the start. There’s a strong likelihood that the social media giants could themselves turn to offering financial advice in the future.

The millennial effect

As millennials age, they’re likely to see their earnings and savings rise and that means they’ll become a bigger part of the financial advice market. With trust in traditional banks and finance companies declining, this opens the way for online disruptor businesses and social media companies to step into the gap.

Facebook offers users the ability to make payments, so adding financial adviser software would seem to be a logical next step. Intelligent platforms like are able to integrate with the existing systems of a business and allow the automation of advice, which would tie in well with social sites.

Trust issues

The problem with all of this is likely to be one of trust, which may prevent automated advice and sites that don’t have finance as their core business from taking a significant share of the market. While the reputation of existing financial institutions may have suffered in recent years, it’s questionable whether social media platforms are trusted to a high enough extent.

Social media companies are increasingly keen to monetise their sites, and this can lead to some decisions that upset users. Facebook, for example, has already come under fire for its advertising policies and for selling information about individuals’ browsing histories to advertisers.

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Facebook isn’t the only game in town, however, and other social sites may have more scope to make headway in offering financial advice. Professional network site LinkedIn, for example, is another player that could look to develop into this arena.

A further issue is how much people actually trust advice offered by robot platforms. At the moment, these account for only a small proportion of managed assets. However, as the use of advice software grows and people see how well it performs against the market, they are more likely to trust its ability to make good decisions.

People have the dream of constructing their own home but it is not possible for everyone. Increase in population in every country creates demand for every product. In most of the places apartments and flat systems are come to existence to fulfill the dreams of people to have their own home. It is tough for people to purchase land and construct home in it. Most of the people choice is to buy flats or already constructed home. This is due to lots of risk in building a new home. Companies that understand more of home improvement will provide entire product which is necessary for building a home. It is easy for the home owners to buy all the products in one place. They have branches all over the world and ready to deliver the products on time. From kitchen appliances to floor finishing these companies will deliver everything on time. People no need to worry of getting the house hold things on time. People who going to build a new home need to buy lots of things.

To complete a home lots of materials and products are necessary. It is very hard for people to going separate places for different things which are necessary for home construction. Home Improvement retailers understand more about singapore businesses which is great blessing for the people who are constructing home. They can get all the things in the same place. There is lots of competition for home improvement products. People like to purchase products from home improvement retails where they can get discount for the product. For bulk purchase of products always there is some concession in the price. People can select affordable curtain Singapore in the same shop which is really an excellent one. It will save time and energy of house owner who are constructing a new home. Otherwise they need to go for shopping for so many places for buying simple items. In home improvement retail from the simple product to big all they get in one place. All the building materials, kitchen fittings, plumber and lumber, electrical appliances, floor coverings, hardware, garden and lawn product which are available on same place. It is easy for people to select the items very easily from their home with the help of available online source.

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