Before ten to fifteen years, there is no internet connection and the people are unable to communicate each other for their needs. This internet connection is very much useful only for the peek and emergency business. There are only a few business are emergency business. The fright business is an emergency business the reason is the fright carries many useful consumer products, the factory produces them. In a factory milk powder is produced and this powder is sent to all the different areas of the city.

In this connection a company after preparing the parcel packs only the factory would be searching for the truck stop places, these entire place would be available on the internet, there are many companies having their website about their truck capacity and other details where all the trucks are operated. In general truck industry is a peek industry all times the working people would be busy with their job, all brokers would be very busy in arranging the meeting with the two parties service buyer and service seller. The service seller is who provides the vehicle for a long journey; service buyer is who is providing goods to take it from a place to different place. Now all these could be made on the internet and service buyer and service seller can meet in online and complete the deal in micro seconds. The fright would be busy in taking the goods from a factory or at the other place.


The main requirement is the truck vehicle with a good condition. The vehicle should have to be in a working condition this is enough for the business. The truck owner has to place the vehicle on the highway road, where there would be many broker offices can be seen. The broker office is always very busy and the office in charge person is moving around in creating the meet of the service buyers and service sellers. This meet is very important in the fright business, the service buyer would be informing about his total goods, service seller would be informing about his vehicles availability and the condition of the vehicle once both parties agrees the deal is over and the broker gets his commission from both parties. Normally emergency goods only loaded in the trucks the emergency products are milk powder and aged people medicine products and other important products which is consumed very immediately, all the factories are in urge to produce all the important products and send the products as scheduled.

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